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a friendly reminder with changes.

i'm sure all of you know about drew and my house party. if not check out [ ] for more information.. here is what has changed, it's now $2 for every one to get in because we have to pay the fix $200 to play. Also water, soda, and hot dogs are on sale for $1. NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL. normally this would be fine but we know that the cops are gonna come and drews mom will be held accountable for anything that happens. for more info contact myself [oh my murder xx] or drew [xxMonroeEffectxx]. here are the directions to drews household and what the set list is gonna look like..

drew made it so the fix gets how ever long they want.. but right when they are done playing they have to leave cus they have another show.

* Monroe Effect-------------------------------------3:45 (opening band)

* Celluloid Iniquity-----------------------------------4:00

* Special Kay---------------------------------- -----4:30

* TVK (The Television Killers)-----------------------5:00

* The Untouchables------------------------------ ---5:30

* Hell On High Heels--------------------------------6:00

*Garvey Switch-------------------------------------6:30

* The Pranx-----------------------------------------7:00

* inAsense------------------------------------------7:30

* The Jet City Fix-----------------------------------8:00

* Generation Unknown-----------------------------(around 9:00)
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